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Congratulations, you have just signed the deal on a new contract to begin a massive construction project in a nearby area. You have been working on getting the details of this contract down for months, and now that the appropriate parties’ signatures have hit paper, it’s time to start the money distribution process.


As a lender, you prioritize ensuring that your money is always going to the right place. It’s a significant risk to loan out money with the expectation of receiving it back after the completion of a project. It doesn’t have to be so danger-filled, however.


With CodeFi Solutions, we offer construction lender technology that ensures best practices and keeps risk to a minimum. It’s incredible how many lenders deal out money only to spend their time and workforce, micromanaging what happens to it.


While you ensure that your money is going to the right place and that compliance is happening across the project, you’re also using up valuable time that could be going to other projects—pulling in more contracts. The worst part? Losses are still occurring on these projects due to unforeseen circumstances down the line.


CodeFi Solutions offers construction lender technology to prevent these scenarios. Presidium 360 Solutions and Presidium Enterprise are two top-of-the-line construction lender technology software that we offer. It ensures the lender is aware of where their money is going, who is using it, and how it’s used. Spend less time micromanaging and more time accomplishing tasks. It will save your bottom line in the end.


How does CodeFi software accomplish this? Through a simple process that keeps every step accountable.


  • Lender

  • Title Company

  • Borrower

  • Builder

  • Inspector


These are the main pieces in any construction project. Whether it’s a residential project or commercial, all these pieces play an essential role of some kind, and all of them need funds. With CodeFi Solutions, you can ensure that you aren’t overspending.


Want to learn more? Request a demo today. You can also give us a call at 877.868.9009. Use your time better and get better construction lender technology. Work with CodeFi solutions. 


At CodeFi Solutions, we pride ourselves on analyzing your business and helping you find success. We do this by offering construction lender technology that either fits you out of the box or can be customized and integrated into your company. They are:


Presidium 360 is a real estate loan administration software application that delivers an all-inclusive platform for the management of:


  • Commercial Loans

  • Residential Loans

  • Revolving Lines of Credit


Presidium Enterprise allows your institution to utilize the scalable architecture and enhanced functionality of P360 through


  • Customization

  • Integration

  • Branding


Our two software options are available for everyone, with 360 being our out-of-the-box construction finance platform solution. Enterprise is for those of you with a unique business and needs something more customizable.


Both these platforms’ goal is to allow everyone on the construction finance platform to remain as communicative as possible and be aware of what is happening during the project. It will increase efficiency and minimize risk across the platform. An important detail for any bank is loaning out money. 


If you would like to know more about how our construction finance platform Presidium can improve your efficiency, we can ensure that construction projects are always moving along smoothly and money is still going where it should, then request a demo from CodeFi today. 


Need Consultation?


Still unsure if our construction lender technology is what you need? Then come to us to seek guidance on how you can best implement some of our best practices into your industry.


Our consulting services, backed by seasoned technical experts, provide advice that will improve your business. We will assist you in implementing construction lender technology into your workflow. CodeFi’s team works hand in hand with our clients to understand their infrastructure and potential problem areas. We may have solutions for these pain points, or we can at least make you aware of them.


These are just some of the benefits you receive from CodeFi Solutions consulting:


  • Domain Expertise

  • Cost Estimates/Third-Party Risk Assessments

  • General & Subcontractor/Due Diligence

  • Data Transformation


We Reduce Risk


With CodeFi Solutions, you invest in software that allows you to reduce risk to the lowest level possible. Everyone in projects like these understands that some problems are unavoidable. 


For example, a bank could give out a loan to build a new strip of buildings next to a local downtown arts district. However, the arts district is historical, so the project needs to be carefully laid out. 


The construction company that’s being hired breaks ground and discovers that the inspection team didn’t properly inspect one area for the project. They can’t build there without going into the arts district. Lines now need to re-drawn, extending the project and leading to a costly failure.


The average project might lead to everyone losing a substantial amount of money with pointed fingers going all-around at who’s at fault for this. With our software, we reduce this risk by keeping everyone in the loop at what is taking place in every stage of the project.


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The benefits of investing in our construction loan technology should be clear. With CodeFi’s solutions, you can keep everyone reliable and compliant at all times. As our solutions currently handle billions of dollars in loans monthly, you can rest assured that you will always be able to access the software without worry about platform shutdowns. Our solutions are all paperless and can be customized to fit your specific client’s needs. Increase efficiency by having the software manage all your loan documents and allow for effortless and transparent communication and collaboration with your clients. Ready for a better construction finance platform? Contact CodeFi today for details!

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