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Digitized Lending Consulting

Do you have a unique business need that requires a system built specifically to suit your lending practices? CodeFi offers a fully customizable version of the renowned Presidium Platform to ensure our product fits your construction loan administration brand. 


Our cloud-based platform is perfect for boutique, niche, or multi-faceted lenders that rely on strict underwriting standards to achieve maximum loan performance. We start with our industry-leading construction lending platform and customize the workflows, reports, data tables, etc., to ensure our solution moves in lock-step with your institution. Presidium Solutions is the best construction loan administration software management tool available thanks to its industry-focused features such as: 


  • Custom platform branding 

  • Client driven naming conventions and custom alerts 

  • Institution centered data fields and reporting

  • FI specific financial data

  • Customized checklists and digitized polices

  • Seamless integration capability 

  • Ad hoc reporting with automated delivery systems

  • Comprehensive construction document management


Our platform is the most cutting edge loan management software on the market. If you seek to maximize your lending division's returns, our platform offers you the chance to simplify your workflow while increasing your efficiency. 


At CodeFi, we are all about ensuring that the clients we work with can stay organized and the best way to do that in this day and age is through a digital platform. This is why we offer our Presidium Platform. It was created with usability in mind.


Are you a little more old school and concerned about the impact of moving to an all-digital platform? We understand your concerns, but we can assure you that digitized lending is not only the best path moving forward but will offer you significantly improved results.


Want to learn more? Contact CodeFi at 877.868.9009 or use our online contact page. Request a demo today and learn about how CodeFi's loan management technology can improve your lending practices.


At CodeFi, we fully support any business looking to go fully digital because the benefits of doing so are seen across the board. Businesses that switch to full digital typically see an improvement in areas like their general efficiency.


There's only so much your personnel can manage before it becomes less than efficient. You already have a busy schedule, and with our loan management technology, we can take some of the mundane aspects of that schedule off of you. Spend less time making phone calls and tracking down the right people. Use that time instead of working on other areas of the project that need your attention.


With our software, you won't need to spend more money having to hire more employees to assist in the management of your growing construction loan services. Our software manages all documents while being compliant and can coordinate communication with your clients.




At CodeFi, we're always trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology. If your business wants to embrace new technology, but you're concerned about the learning curve alongside it? That's understandable. This is why we offer you consultation services. 


Business experts back our services with many years of experience and seasoning. They've been on successful implementation projects, and our years of successful project implementation should speak for itself. We will work with you to accurately implement digitized loan structures into your workflow, understand your organization's IT infrastructure, and consider possible pain points. From here, we can work with you to make recommendations that will lead to overall improvements. 


CodeFi will ensure that your digitized loaning practices are implemented to the same high standards we hold for ourselves. It will be implemented and designed to your needs with your needs specifically in mind. Every angle will be looked at as we take full advantage of the performance and technical innovation offered by CodeFi solutions. 


  • Domain Expertise

  • Third-party risk assessments

  • Forensic Investigation/Accounting

  • Cost Estimating

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • General Contracting

  • Subcontracting

  • Due Diligence

  • Technical Expertise

  • Hosted Manage Service

  • Digital Engagements

  • eAdoption Strategies

  • Data Transformation​

  • ePresentment & Print Solutions

  • ePayment

  • Mobile Services

Improving Your Lending Practices


With CodeFi Solutions, you will see an improvement to your lending practices that can lead to a more streamlined process. CodeFi has spent years working in the industry and we’ve come to have a greater understanding of how to optimize these processes.


Learn from the experts. Contact CodeFi today to learn how you can improve your digtized lending practices. 


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The benefits of investing in our construction loan management software are clear. With CodeFi's solutions, you can have reliable and compliant at all times. As our solutions currently handle billions of dollars in loans monthly, you can rest assured that you will always be able to access the software without worry about platform shutdowns. Our solutions are all paperless and can be customized to fit your specific client's needs. Increase efficiency by having the software manage all your loan documents and allow for effortless and transparent communication and collaboration with your clients. Ready for your loan management solution? Contact CodeFi today for details!

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