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CodeFi Engages Banker Advice

CodeFi Solutions is proud to announce it has recently completed an agreement with Banker Advice to offer its Presidium Solutions software to their subscribers. Presidium Solutions a platform for the administration of construction lending to bankers throughout the United States.

Following a thorough review of the Presidium Solutions product, Banker Advice determined this platform addresses a market niche within the banking community Accordingly, Banker Advice chose to include Presidium with their other select firms "We are proud to be part of the Banker Advice community" stated the Director of Corporate Development for CodeFi Solutions, Rick Blaylock.

Presidium Solutions P360 subscription service enables institutions to remain compliant in the complex world of construction lending while delivering immediate reportable data for both projects and institutional portfolios The work flow based software delivers red flag warnings and virtually eliminates risk for the construction lending team.

When innovation meets technology, costs are reduced, profit margins are increased, and risk is mitigated.

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