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CodeFi Presents P360 Solutions

The P360 solution provides out-of-box technology to manage commercial and residential construction lending from its inception through completion.

P360 delivers industry leading operational practices that streamline, automate, and standardize processes that enable the reduction of lending risks associated with construction project management.

Features and functionality include a document management system, a project specific contact management module, a user dashboard to advise the user of important project commitments, a rules based alerts system, an internal tickler system to maintain project notes, budget and disbursement management modules which operate with controls for sources and uses, a change order tacking system, lien waiver management, schedule management, tracking and controls for all insurances, flexible commercial draw management, residential stage draw templates, revolving line of credit management, internal standardized project level inspection reports, global institutional reporting on an ad-hoc basis, and much more.

The P360 technology allows your team to operate more efficiently while virtually eliminating risk and improving your construction lending income.

Industry Associations
Florida Bankers Association
Enterprise Risk Management Association
Georgia Bankers Association
ABA Stonier
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