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CodeFi Presents The Five Reasons Why Constructions Projects Lose Money at West Virginia Bankers Asso

On May 4th, the West Virginia Bankers Association held it’s annual credit conference at the Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, West Virginia. One of the highlighted speakers was Rick Blaylock, Director of Corp. Development for CodeFi Solutions, a firm specializing in consulting and software solutions for Loan Administration and Management.

With over 20 years experience in providing solutions to mitigate the risks associated with construction lending, the presenters from CodeFi Solutions did not disappoint the audience that represented over twenty different lenders from around the state of West Virginia. During one session led by Rick Blaylock, attendees discussed practices and pain points with managing real estate loan portfolios. Not only were the 5 reasons construction projects lose money discussed, construction draw management, construction lending software, residential inspection software, and construction loan reporting technology were explored.

CodeFi Solutions provides consulting and construction lending software to banks of all asset sizes that enables improved efficiencies and immediate cost reductions for residential lending, commercial lending, A&D, and Builder Line facilities. CodeFi Solutions is an endorsed vendor for banking associations across the southeast United States.

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