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Construction Project Management Tools by CodeFi Solutions.

Planning & Arranging Projects

Establish and maintain the critical building plan basis, define priorities, manage, and record the outcomes of the feasibility analysis and match them with proposed solutions. Define the scope of the project. Break down and align the work to be performed in the whole process, and create a framework for the work breakdown. Plan time, expenditures, and equipment, the budget of the project, management of time and costs.

Configure risk assessment. There is recourse to real-time planning status for any stakeholder. For all partners, control the project budget, track time and expenses on job packages, and generate comprehensive billing reports. Place your strategy on a progress dashboard to work and manage the stuff to be done. Track and process, have all web-based knowledge at your fingertips and interact with all stakeholders efficiently. Track all faults on the building site quickly to see the status, appoint members of the team, prioritize, and blog. Manage demands for improvement during the entire project.

We offer a wide variety of different ways to help with your project management, from offering direct solutions to giving tips for overall general management guidelines. We understand that with any project issues can arise in many different forms. Because of that fact we are constantly looking for new solutions to problems that aren't even relevant. We specialize in ensuring that your construction projects run smoother and faster by supplying you with an easier way to manage them.

Risk Mitigation

The uncertainty of outcomes in a construction loan stems from hundreds of data points. Lucky for our clients, Presidium’s intelligence core constantly tracks thousands of data points across 85 Billion dollars in monthly transactions to identify risks and offer tools to eliminate or reduce losses.

With Presidium, you can control risk and command smarter decisions.

Our Job Does Not Stop With A Sale

The team behind CodeFi’s renowned Presidium platform is committed to serving our clients long after the ink dries on our partnership. In addition to our platform’s ability to automate your processes. Our team, comprised of former lenders and administrators, is available to advise your team on how best to tailor our platform to your policies and changing industry trends.

As a leader in construction lending solutions, CodeFi’s Presidium Solutions is capable of servicing loans across all real estate verticals. We reduce risk, maximize income, and get the results you are looking for.

Our administration software is made with your industry in mind to help your team set objectives, reach goals, and improve capital allocation. In this multi-billion dollar industry, it is important to stay organized to get ahead. Our software will help you achieve these goals.

Coming from the industry first and tech second, our teammates have seen it all. Whether it is a distressed asset or syndicated deal our team is equipped to leverage our domain expertise in optimizing a solution that works for you. Our consulting division will work with you to ensure we are providing your team the full breadth of technical and performance innovation offered by CodeFi Solutions.

Execution of a project and contact

For good building projects, planning is indispensable. Build and discuss a joint project schedule with everyone who is interested in the project. All would have access to up-to-date planning details and will directly see the next move. The perfect platform for a shared environment where, all in one framework, you can build and enforce expectations.

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