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Construction Project Management Tools by CodeFi Solutions.

Planning & Arranging Projects

Establish and maintain the critical building plan basis, define priorities, manage, and record the outcomes of the feasibility analysis and match them with proposed solutions.

Define the scope of the project. Break down and align the work to be performed in the whole process, and create a framework for the work breakdown. Plan time, expenditures, and equipment.

Budget of the project, management of time and costs.

Configure risk assessment. There is recourse to real-time planning status for any stakeholder. For all partners, control the project budget, track time and expenses on job packages, and generate comprehensive billing reports. Place your strategy on a progress dashboard to work and manage the stuff to be done. Track and process, have all web-based knowledge at your fingertips, and interact with all stakeholders efficiently. Track all faults on the building site quickly to see the status, appoint members of the team, prioritize, and blog. Manage demands for improvement during the entire project

Execution of a project and contact

For good building projects, planning is indispensable. Build and discuss a joint project schedule with everyone who is interested in the project. All would have access to up-to-date planning details and will directly see the next move. The perfect platform for a shared environment where, all in one framework, you can build and enforce expectations.

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