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Why Use Our Construction Lending Software?

Construct loan software can expedite construction draw processing, which can save both time and money. P360 is our innovative construction lending software that delivers an immediate solution to its users. Each institution is granted access to its own unique project domain with a variety of standardized security profiles.

If you are subscribed to P360 you will receive these great features:

  • Comprehensive construction loan reporting of both projects and the entire institution's portfolio.

  • Interactive user dashboard to notify the team members of important key elements of the loan.

  • Comprehensive third party management and demonstrable protection of data security.

  • True maintenance of a green environment through this truly paperless loan software.

  • Ability to maintain an audit trail of activity.

  • Automated budget screens that track change orders, budget transfers, distributions, and multiple schedules of value.

  • Tracking of insurance documents.

  • Maintenance of waiver records.

  • Draw management through the use of our pay application module.

P360 is ideal for lenders in need of a lending solution. Our software is easy to understand, it is preconfigured to industry standards, and is capable of same-day approval and integration. Our software is perfect for you if you want to save time while increasing loan performance.

We are committed to serving our clients. Our team, comprised of former lenders and administrators, can advise your team on how to best connect our platform to your policies and current industry trends. Our consulting division will work to ensure we are providing you and your team all of the benefits offered by CodeFi Solutions.

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